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Commemorative Medals

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Pingo Eimer Wellington Eisler

Engstrom Forrer Freeman Giordano Grant


Grueber Hawkins Hennin Hern

Hill & Pollard Hocking

Irvine & Atterbury Jamieson


Jones CBM Julian Kienast Kress


Leroux Lincoln Loubat McCammon MacMaster Maier Malpas

The Medal


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Pollard Washington Pollard Bargello

Prober Prucha Puddester

Reilly & Savage Reinis
Rulau & Fuld SCMB

Smirnov Spink BBM


Taylor TTC Trowbridge

Thompson Trusted

WE Welch


Bell Buildings Bell Copper Bell Political

Bell Specious Bell Tradesmen Bell Unofficial




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British and World Coins and Tokens

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